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Things I Can't Forget - Miranda Kenneally 4.5/5 stars

Things I Can't Forget was such a pleasant read. I have read Kenneally two previous books in this companion series and enjoyed them, but I have to say that Things I Can't Forget is my favorite so far. I read it in a couple of hours and just wanted more! I seriously need more of these amazing companion novels. I think this is a great direction for contemporaries. I am NOT for contemporary series, but companions? they are perfect, especially when you get to see the main characters of the previous books and actually learn new things about them that make you all happy for them!

Things I Can't Forget is centered around Kate, a girl who we only saw glimpses of in the previous books. She is religious, in a big way, to the point that anyone who doesn't share her beliefs is called a sinner or thought of as a lost soul or something. I did NOT enjoy how judgmental Kate was at the beginning. I mean, I come from a religious background, but I have friends from different religions and beliefs and I never try to preach about on whether they are living a wrong life or something. I thought that was also part of her religion? being accepting of different people? but anyways, the way Kate internally talked about this with herself made her looks so naive and innocent. She REALLY had no idea how judgmental she was! So I gave her some leeway.

Soon enough, even though it was one tiny step at a time, she started to become more likable, more accepting. Of course with the help of Matt, who is SO adorable and totally crush worthy, and Parker & Will from Stealing Parker! Let's backtrack and talk about Matt, he is 18 years old, Kate is 17. They have the cutest history together when they went to the same summer camp. Now, they are camp counselors and have definitely rekindled feelings from their first kiss when they were preteens (haha). I think Matt was so very understanding and supportive of Kate, he didn't try to change her or push her to do anything she wasn't comfortable with. He IS a jokester, but he never took it over the top which usually induces an eye roll. As for Parker, I loved how close they grew together, definitely a great friendship there! Of course Kate holds a secret that she believes god will make her pay for, I felt really sad for her, how lost she feels and the broken friendship she has with her childhood friend. I know this may seem like too much religion for some of you guys, but it REALLY isn't like that. It is just about a person trying to find her relationship with god, the people around her, and also with herself. It has a very cute romance and I would recommend it to all contemporary fans, especially fans of the Hundred Oaks series itself!