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Touched - Corrine Jackson 3.5/5 stars

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Touched by Corrine Jackson was an amazing Paranormal novel. However I have to point out that it has a ton of similarities to Twilight, something that I know many readers didn't enjoy in this novel. Even with the lack of originality, I loved the characters, as well as the fast pace and development of the plot. Corrine is obviously a very skilled writer and even with the twilight similarities, in the end, I did enjoy Touched.

I hope I didn't scare you away with the Twilight similarity. This novel stands on its own. It has enough merits, such as the plot, characters, and writing, to label it as a great supernatural novel. Remy, the main protagonist, can heal people by touching them, however whatever injury she heals becomes her own injury and then has to heal herself. Other than this big downside to her healing touch, some injuries are too severe for her to heal herself from immediately, such as a gun shot wound, etc. So her power is restricted based on the severity of the injury. However Remy tries to help anyone who needs it, even though she knows she'll get hurt in the process. She always heals her mother after acting as a punching bag to her husband, Remy's stepfather. Remy was also the target of her abusive stepfather one too many times.

Finally, when things went too far, Remy's dad intervenes and takes her to live with him, his wife, and his daughter who is Remy's age. I am sure you are all thinking "uh oh.. cat fights" but NO! that actually didn't happen, even though I was preparing myself for the double standard or fakeness to be revealed at any point. However Remy's step sister was AWESOME! I loved her. She instantly befriended Remy, introduced her to all her friends and accepted her, no hidden agendas or underlying evil plotting anywhere. I also appreciating how fatherly her dad was as well as how sweet her stepmom was. I absolutely loved how welcoming her new family was. It was great to read about that. As for Asher, the love interest, he also has some supernatural.. traits, to say it simply. The romance between Remy and Asher, while it wasn't fast paced, it reminded me a bit of Bella and Edward from Twilight.. I know I know I promised myself I wouldn't bring Twilight up anymore, but I can't deny the similarities. I was able to get past that but I know some people who weren't able to.

I just have to point out, again, even with all the similarities, I did find it to be pleasant. Also, the whole aspect of Remy's stepfather stalking her and being this looming threat that never left her in the novel was very unique. She wasn't only facing threats from the supernatural world but also from people that were a part of her life for years. There is a sort of forbidden love in this story, because Asher is a protector and Remy is a Healer and it is not known for a Healer and Protector to be in a relationship, it reminded me a bit of Half Blood by JLA but without any regulations. Remy is an amazing protagonist, not a passive damsel in distress we often see in paranormal novels. I can't wait for the sequel and find out more about the history between the Healers and Protectors.