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A Touch of Scarlet - Eve Marie Mont A Touch of Scarlet, from its title, is about The Scarlet Letter. It is not a retelling, far from it, but the main protagonist, Emma, ends up in a parallel world, the one from The Scarlet Letter, by entering a dreamlike state. This happens every time she ends up going near the place where she got struck by lightening (and survived). This book is also set in Emma's boarding school where she is entering as a Junior. The beginning of the book showed us that she is finally in relationship with Gray who was in A Breath of eyre. The plot does not slow down one bit, where there are a lot of romantic anguish concerning our couple along with some possibility of a love triangle, as well as a very surprising yet satisfying ending.

If you guys have read my review of A Breath of Eyre you would know that I enjoyed it but wasn't that impressed by it. Even with that I thought I would give A Touch of Scarlet a try and I am glad I did. In a Touch of Scarlet, you really feel that the characters are wearing an extra layer, whether it be emotional baggage or finding a friend in a person you least expected it from. Emma and Michelle's friendship was strained and challenged throughout the novel but at the same time new friendships were formed from two of the "fearsome four" in A Breath of Eyre, if you guys remember them, they are basically Emma and Michelle's mortal enemies. I love that Eve allowed us to find the good in some of these people and that they could repent for their wrongdoings and aren't all a bunch of heartless mean girls, though the other half of that crew proved just that. As for Emma and Gray, I just have to say that I was very disappointed in how Gray handled the relationship and felt very sorry for Emma. I felt that Gray, at 19, was too immature and made some decisions that you could tell were stupid from a mile away. However the star in this book is Emma; she was forgiving, a good friend, and wasn't the type that was consumed by any relationship troubles she was facing.

You are all wondering where The Scarlet Letter fits into all this, unlike A Breath of Eyre, Emma didn't spend as much time in the parallel world. I honestly REALLY appreciated that because I was more concerned with the development of Emma's actual life. The Scarlet Letter was more like a guiding hand, steering her in the right direction as well as opening her heart and mind to the things around her. A Touch of Scarlet