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Insight - Jolene Perry I know I reviewed the sequel of Insight, Manipulation, for the blog tour a couple of weeks ago and I really enjoyed it. However I can't say the same for its predecessor, Insight. I felt that insight was a bit too insta-love and sappy for me. Too much romance too fast which turns me off a book immediately. Obviously I liked it enough to continue reading the series but only because I have faith in Jolene Perry and because the second book is about two new and different characters. This book centers around two teenagers, one a recent high school transfer. She, Micah, can see things when she touches people. She sees something disturbing when she touches Landon which she tries to stay away from but ends up feeling really guilty. Landon takes an interest in her while she wants to stay as far away from him as possible. There is a paranormal mystery in this book that is passed on to book two, however it is not really explored in this book. This is why I enjoyed the second book more. I would definitely recommend you guys reading this one and then picking up the second book, especially paranormal fans.