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The Heist - Lee Goldberg, Janet Evanovich This is why I love Janet Evanovich. The humor along with the exciting plot usually make up for a fantastic read, and as usual, when it comes to Janet Evanovich, this is a fact. I personally now pick up her books without even reading the synopsis because I know I'm going to love them. While this book is a collaboration with Lee Goldberg, her humorous characters, witty writing, and ability to make me laugh at the most serious situations (say getting attacked by pirates in the middle of nowhere) is why I read and ended up really enjoying The Heist.

I love how Evanovich's main female protagonists are always seriously kick butt. In this book, the main protagonist is Kate, an ex Navy SEAL and now FBI agent. men, are you intimidated now? good. I love how her women always speak their mind and aren't afraid to go after what they want like Stephanie Plum and her becoming a Bounty Hunter in the Stephanie Plum series, and now Kate O'Hare and dedicating years in order to catch Nick Fox, a professional con artist. However because this book is written by Evanovich, a plot twist has to exist and it is that Kate ends up partnering with Nick in order to catch a man who ran away with half a billion dollars by doing... a con. The back and forth banter between the characters is fantastic. One scene I loved was when Kate's boss, Jessup asked her if she's nervous:

"Got some butterflies in your stomach?" - Jessup
"Butterflies are awfully girlie for a woman who carries a Glock, don't you think?" - Kate
"Okay. African killer bees" - Jessup
"That's more like it" - Kate

Doesn't that just crack you up? This book was like an episode out of a comedy cop show. That is the best way I can describe it, with a fantastic main and supporting cast as well as a plot that would keep the people wanting more. I think the supporting, or secondary, characters had so much spunk and individuality, from Willie, the woman who can drive any moving vehicle, including an airplane and yacht, as well as Boyd, an actor that devotes his soul towards his characters, and a dad who's operative background always seems to come in handy in sticky situations. I think that is what always wins me over when it comes to Evanovich's books. Nothing is neglected, an independent and awesome female protagonist? check. A jerk but charming love interest? check. memorable secondary characters? check. An interesting plot? check. What more does a reader want? I can't wait for more books from Evanovich & Goldberg because what they are doing right now is brilliant.