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Levitating Las Vegas - Jennifer Echols Levitating Las Vegas was an experience that ended up as a flop. A total and disappointing flop. I HAVE been warned about how "weird" the book is and how many of the readers I know ended up not liking it. However I am always at the opposite spectrum when it comes to book ratings so I still gave this book by unbiased attention. Initially I really enjoyed it, the whole powers and the parents repressing them and keeping the two main protagonists, Holly and Elijah, apart. After that, the story went downhill, in the sense that NOTHING made sense. The Rez (the evil organization) consisted of a bunch of teenagers who had powers.. it apparently consisted of less than 30 people? then there is the Casino, which is where people with powers seek refuge, only to get drugged and told that they have a mental disorder called MAD and they actually do not have powers. Suddenly assassinations occur, people are taken off the drugs, and incomprehensible actions are taken. Holly and Elijah were so menopausal (no offense). Holly would one second trust Elijah, then the next she would think of chocking him (she is a levitator). While Elijah is a mind reader and somehow wants to "control" Holly. HUH? I ended up skimming through the last 60 pages of the novel, not really caring what happens. But what I did read by skimming? wow. One of my goodreads status said "I like Holly and Elijah", now I officially take that back. I am so disappointed right now because I adored every single book Jennifer Echols wrote, until I read this one. I honestly would prefer for Jennifer Echols to stick to contemporary novels because she always excels in those and some of her titles are favorites of mine.