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The Lying Game #4: Hide and Seek - Sara Shepard If you've read my review of the third book in The Lying Game series, Two Truths and a Lie, you would know that I didn't like it and I was starting to get annoyed with the typical cycle of this series. Surprisingly, Hide and Seek broke from that mold and restored my faith in this series once again. I won't post any spoilers but I will say that a lot is revealed in this book. So much stuff!!! My heart was beating like crazy in this book took. I knew from the beginning we won't be finding out who the killer us but we ARE eliminating suspects every time I finish a book so I'm excited for that. I honestly couldn't put this book down and it was such a contrast between Two Truths and a Lie which I found to be boring. I've always loved Sara Shepard's writing because it takes me exactly where the characters is. I don't think I ever counted how many pages I had left of this novel because I was so immersed in the plot and Sutton's flashbacks, as well as what is going to be unraveled next. I can't wait to pick up Cross My Heart, Hope to Die, especially since the last book, Seven Minutes in Heaven, is coming out this July. I definitely recommend this series to all mystery and contemporary lovers, especially fans of Pretty Little Liars.