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The Pirate's Wish - Cassandra Rose Clarke 4.5/5 stars

The Pirate's Wish was as good as The Assassin's Curse if not better. This review is spoiler free for both books. While The Assassin's Curse was mostly spent building and solidifying the relationship between Ananna, a runaway pirate, and Naji, a ninja assassin, we get so much more in The Pirate's Wish. The romantic attraction definitely increases, but we meet some fantastic characters as well as follow them through a fantastic adventure.

I don't read enough adventure novels, I have to say that. Most of the novels I read concentrate too much on the romance or have some paranormal aspects or a dystopian world that cares too much about the world building and too little on the characters' journeys. The Pirate's Curse at the beginning was a bit slow because it was set in one place, on land. I wanted to get back to the ocean as much as Ananna did however we meet an unlikely alley and a very pleasant character: The Manticore. The Manticore basically eats humans and is a giant blob of an animal, however Ananna strikes a deal with her in exchange for not eating both. At the beginning I was slightly put off by her and was waiting for the other shoe to drop, however the manticore was a big source of humor for this novel. We see a bit less of the banter between Naji and Ananna but I didn't mind because the manticore was just so freaking hilarious to be around. I just thought this was an awesome input from the author.

Naji and Ananna's romance was more directly addressed than in The Pirate's Wish. I loved the slow progression. I know I mention this many times but I hate how romantic lines nowadays progress at lighting speed in YA novels. I am personally a big fan of romance in YA books but quantity isn't better than quality in my opinion. A few scenes that are incredibly adorable, of course with a side of tension in the beginning, is better than outright romance throughout the whole novel until I just get sick of it.

Character wise, I was slightly frustrated at Ananna at times for not listening to Naji, always doubting herself, as well as the decisions she makes, or at least ones she thinks of making. I felt so sorry for Naji because Ananna was such a pain in the butt at times. However Ananna is an endearing character and you can't help liking her even with all her faults. The ending is a bit bittersweet because it is a bit open ended and I didn't expect this to be the final book and the series being a duology. I am definitely going to miss Naji and Ananna however the author is writing another duology in the same world so I at least don't have to say goodbye to that!