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Star Cursed - Jessica Spotswood 4.5/5 stars

Ever since I finished Born Wicked, I had to get my hands on Star Cursed and find out what happens next to the Cahill sisters. I love witch/magick themed books and the fact that the storytelling by Spotswood is fantastic made me even more excited for what is to come for Star Cursed. I am happy to say that Star Cursed didn't suffer form the middle book syndrome. It also exceeded my expectations and I ended up loving it even more than Born Wicked.

So much happens in Star Cursed and there are so many ups and highs that I ended up going through emotionally. Also we get to glimpse even more into the lives of the witches as well as witness even more gruesome and horrific acts done by the brotherhood in the name of their faith. I think the reason why I love this series is that there is no clear good and bad side. While the brotherhood is pure evil in my opinion, some of the members are forced to be a part of it in order to keep their families safe. Also, what I found surprising that even the witches covenant isn't made up of all good members that want the greater good, but actually filled with witches with hidden agendas and a need for power and supremacy.

Of course Cate is in the middle of things, especially with the prophecy that seems to be pointing to her and her two other sisters. I have to say, Cate really grew up in this novel. She had her flaws, mostly for her unconditional trust towards her sister Maura.. us readers are given many hints and foreshadowing scenes that point to Maura turning bad, however I have to give Cate a break because she is her sister. However Maura just annoyed the hell out of me and I just couldn't believe where all her hatred comes from. This is one messed up girl. The bright light in this sister triangle is Tess. She is really a ball of sunshine and her relationship with Cate is just so adorable. However don't underestimate her because this girl is powerful. The difference between Tess and Maura is like the difference between day and night. Romance wise, we are not void of that; Finn was the anchor in Cate's life. He supported her decisions but at the same time voiced his own. He wasn't the typical 2D love interest we end up seeing in many YA books.

I personally loved the fast paced plot as well as the introduction to many other important characters as well as the complexity of some of them. Coming to the ending, I have to point out that it was horrific to read. It isn't just a cliffhanger-ish ending, but one that makes you scream at a specific character as well as wishing it was possible to teleport to a book and be able to punch said character in the face. I am just so pleased with the direction of this novel and I can't wait to see what happens next for the brotherhood, the sisterhood (the witches), Maura (ugh), Tess, and then Cate and Finn. There is so much that happens in this book but everything ties together perfectly. I definitely recommend it to paranormal fans, especially fans of the Sweep series.