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The Iron King - Julie Kagawa Mini Review:

In The Iron King, A sixteen year old girl, Meghan, finds out she's a fairy, not only that but her father is the ruler of the Summer Fey. When her very human step brother gets kidnapped, she goes on a quest through the Nevernever in the hope of finding her brother while at the same time dodging bullet after bullet in the shape of horrendous Fey eating animals and evil Iron Feys. Puck is the best friend who Meghan thought was human all her life. He and the Winter Fey's prince Ash, after Meghan strikes a deal with him, end up on the same side. I honestly did not enjoy how fast the romance was and the jealousy that was bound to occur from a love triangle. Also, I grew a bit bored at times while reading this novel. Julie Kagawa jumped from place to place, when I get used to a place, she yanks Meghan out and puts her somewhere else. I wanted to appreciate the Fey world and see how they lived, but we only got glimpses of that. Also, I personally felt the writing was more directed to Middle Grade readers than Young Adult ones. It was a bit too simplistic, and the resolution to many of the problems, or sometimes lack of them were not to my liking. However the sequel, Iron Daughter, looks promising and more complex because the setting and new complication give us a chance to dive back into the Fey world and the struggle between the Summer and Winter Feys.