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The Goddess Test - Aimee Carter The Goddess Test was my first ever mythology book and I can boldly announce that this genre is officially a favorite of mine! The Goddess Test was such a beautifully written book. The mystery, the secrets, how the greek mythology is infused into the story, it was all such a new and breathtaking experience! Also, the cover is gorgeous! All that green contrasts beautifully with the model's white dress! This book definitely captured my eyes from the first time I saw it.

I loved Kate, the protagonist, she was put in weird and odd situations but was always logical and thought through things properly. I really liked how compassionate and caring she was towards her sick mother, who she moved towns for, and also for people she barely knew. After Kate strikes a deal with Henry, the mysterious man she just met, and ends up moving into his mansion, I get a better glimpse of the greek mythology and the stories behind them, which really fascinated me! This book also never failed to amaze me. The romance between Kate and Henry was so unexpected, in the sense of how they got together (I don't want to put any spoilers), and also with all the surprises I kept on getting throughout the book. While I might not know what direction the second book "Goddess Interrupted" will take, all I can say is I can NOT wait to start reading it!