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Hourglass - Myra McEntire Hourglass had me sold from the first time i set eyes on it. The cover is GORGEOUS. I salute the photographer for such a simple yet captivating photography. As for the synopsis, I have only read one time traveling series and loved it so I was very excited to start Hourglass. If I said i didn't have high expectations I would be lying, but I am glad Hourglass did not disappoint. On the contrary, from the beginning the story had me hooked. I loved Emerson's voice, her personality was kick butt, however she is very underestimated because she is short and tiny, but she has the brown belt in karate and I just want to be her best friend right now! For me, female protagonists are a hit and miss, I either LOVE them or I just can't stand them, but I'm a huge fan of Emerson!

The romance line in Hourglass takes the front seat and I actually loved the tension between her and Michael, as well as the awkwardness and then the jealousy when the third part of the love triangle, Kaleb as introduced. I personally would have preferred there not to be a love triangle since there was no question on who she would end up with from the beginning and I felt it was a bit weak, a few jealous moments here and there and thats it. But it was funny to see Michael all jealous and broody. I just loved the progression of his and Emerson's relationship. I am a huge fan of them. Now coming to the time traveling aspect, hourglass took its sweet time introducing the topic, and allowing Emerson to wrap her head around it, then trying to figure out how in the world she can time travel and why Michael sought her out and whats the 'greater plan' that you find in every book (Well I thought that).

Hourglass kept me thinking and hypothesizing, then reassessing and throwing out more theories and ideas of how the book would end and I totally enjoyed that. I really liked Kaleb, and even though he was a secondary character in Hourglass, he takes the lead and POV in Timepiece, the second book in the hourglass series. There were other characters, such as Emerson's brother and his wife, some of Michael's friends that I would have loved to see more of and find out more about, however I loved Hourglass and it was a definite amazing read. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to read a mix of supernatural and Paranormal or just wants to read an awesome YA novel!