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Requiem - Lauren Oliver Mini Review:

This review was a bit tough for me to write. In the end I opted for a mini review because my conflicted and scattered feelings and thoughts shouldn't be indulged in a full review. This series.. it had its ups and downs. Delirium was a bit too sappy for me but that ending blew me away. Pandemonium was so different; with the completely new setting and characters and love interest.. then that damn mind blowing ending. Oh yea, Lauren Oliver is officially known as "the author with the horribly heart wrenching cliffhangers". I started Requiem with some reservations, especially since I heard from early readers how they felt the ending was too open ended. Also knowing that this is told from TWO POVs, Lena, the main protagonist, and Hana, her best friend, who barely showed up in the whole trilogy. Yup, I was a bit confused for why the author thinks I would care all that much about Hana.. in the beginning I was resistant, I would count how many pages until Lena's POV, literally count the pages. However, halfway in the book, I noticed that I am looking forward to both POVs, Hana gives us an insight on what is happening inside the walls we never would have been able to know just from Lena's POV. We find out how messed up her soon to be husband is, along with the whole system and something Hana did that I don't think I will ever forgive her for. Yes, my heart aches thinking about it. However I have to point out, Hana's last chapter was so captivating, it will definitely be a memorable chapter. As for Lena, I loved how kick butt she has become, such a contrast between the Lena before Alex and the Lena now. The whole love triangle between Lena, Julian, and Alex pissed me off so much. My heart broke for both and there was some parts where I thought Oliver was a bit unfair in. To put it simply, by the end I was really frustrated because what I feared happened. As for the ending, I personally would have hoped for an epilogue or something but I believe Lauren Oliver ended it on the faith and hope the characters have for the better future by getting a glimpse of what is to come. I appreciated it, but doesn't mean I loved it, I am a girl who appreciates her HEA or the case closed endings. (Inception anyone?!). I know this review is a bit too long but I have to say that I am quite sad for the ending of this trilogy. It was one of my first ever dystopian trilogies and the reason why I fell in love with this genre. I can't wait for the show and also any new dystopian books Lauren Oliver is planning on writing.