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Stormdancer (The Lotus War, #1) - Jay Kristoff I am sorry to say this but I could not finish this book. I rarely, I repeat, I RARELY DNF books. Even if I can't stand a book I tend to finish it but at least I understand what the hell is going on in the other books..
for Stormdancer, I understood maybe 30% of what went on.

See, a normal sentence would be like: The lord emerged from his carriage. But for Stormdancer it is multiple paragraphs of DESCRIPTIONS on how he got out, what was affected when he stepped on the ground, etc etc. I mean I don't CARE about that! So many descriptions, VERY VERY little dialogue and no connection with the characters whatsoever.

I just couldn't force myself to read it. I really feel guilty since I was given a physical ARC for it, but I will be giving away my ARC for someone who would appreciate this novel.

oh, and I am officially putting the steampunk genre in the pile to never touch again!



I am just so disappointed in Stormdancer. This is one of the few books during my one year of blogging that I DNF-d. I always ask myself, whenever I contemplate whether to DNF a book or not if I am enjoying the novel, if I am easily distracted while reading it, if I even understand what is going on, and lastly if I want to find out the ending or how the story progresses and reaches the end. Unfortunately for Stormdancer I just didn't care. The book was SO full of unnecessary details that derailed me from the plot. There are so many new terms and characters that I had to keep on flipping back and forth and try to understand what the hell is going on. Also, I have to stress on this, the detaillllllllls. Why do authors love to complicate things? A person enters the room. Yes describe what they're wearing, what they look like, but don't spend TWO pages giving me descriptions of the surroundings! I was so restless, so fidgety and so easily distracted while reading this novel. I just couldn't enjoy it, and I couldn't even bear to make myself finish. There are multiple books, such as The Unnaturalists and The Diviners, that I made myself go through and finish even though in the end I didn't enjoy them. However Stormdancer, from the first page, couldn't hold my interest. I am so disappointed because this was one of my most anticipated 2012 titles and I actually received a physical ARC of it. Which is why I am giving away my physical ARC for someone else that would appreciate and enjoy this novel.