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I've Got Your Number - Sophie Kinsella Sophie Kinsella has done it again. She has created a creative plot with lovable characters and dialogues that will have you laughing nonstop throughout the story! I adored the characters Sophie Kinsella created for us. Our main protagonist, Poppy is the best friend I always wished for. Her personality had me laughing, the situations she gets into got me embarrassed for her, and the ways she gets herself out of these situations had me yelling "GENIUS" and "If only i had the guts to do that!". Poppy reminded me so much of Emma from her novel "Can You Keep A Secret?" and these two protagonists are high on my "potential best friends" list!

At the beginning of the story, I hoped the whole book wouldn't be spent on Poppy trying to find her engagement ring, because 1. That frustrated the hell out of me, and 2. The ring is ugly and 3. I did not like Magnus, her fiancé at all, first of all, what kind of name is that? and he was too much full of himself for my taste. Thankfully this was just a setup to the meeting of Poppy and Sam. Sam was definitely man material, he was a major figure in a consulting company. They meet because Poppy picks up his ex-PA's phone from the garbage after hers was mugged and the hilarious dialogues begin. You get a glimpse of Sam's life through the emails and text messages being sent to him (oh you know Poppy is too curious to pass up this opportunity of snooping!) and also through their interactions through text messages and phone calls. All I can say is that They.Are.Adorable!!! Yes it is capitalized. Sam wants the phone back, Poppy, through her absurd logic and persuasion skills, somehow keeps it. Their back and forth banter just did it for me. This book was, in my opinion, the best book that Sophie Kinsella has written ever since Can You Keep A Secret?

We get the whole works in this book, family opposing marriage because they're all brainiacs while Poppy is not. Insecurities of not being good enough, a jealous 'best friend', a whiny wedding planner, a persistent girlfriend (?) that won't stop sending the weirdest and most wacky emails to Sam through the PA's phone, and a work scandal ready to explode in White Global Consulting. In other words, a book full of laughs, crazy characters, and an experience you'll never forget!