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How To Get Over Your Ex - Nikki Logan How To Get Over your Ex was the perfect book to take me out of my reading slump and at the same time remind me why I read so much Chick Lits back in the day and why I loved it s much. I know many people think chick lit books all have the same old story and happy ending but you know what? if it keeps me engaged, entertained, and happy then why not? The saying "if it isn't broken, then why fix it?" suits this situation.

The story begins straightaway with the main protagonist proposing to her boyfriend of one year... on LIVE RADIO, and guess what? He rejects her on LIVE RADIO. Georgia is so embarrassed she runs off to the elevator but someone goes in with her, and instead of ogling and giving her pitiful looks, he actually shields her from other people's pathetic need to indulge in people's embarrassment. He hustles her out of the parking lot so she won't face the people in the reception and gets in his porsche and drives away. Now why couldn't she have a caring man like that? one who wouldn't have embarrassed her on live radio or at least rejected her in private? the man turns out to be Zander, the boss of EROS radio. He is the person behind this valentine's promotion of "giving a little push to the one you love". And I was so glad that we see a lot more of him after this encounter.

Georgia's life turns upside down. Somehow all of London has heard of her story, even tracked her boyfriend, and started taking sides. Another problem is that her boyfriend works in the same place where she does and somehow she ended up left friendless because they all sided with him. Now, because Georgia signed a contract for an all expense paid wedding, and since there is no wedding Zander created a "The year of Georgia" where she could do whatever she wanted with fifty thousand pounds for one year. This is when Georgia and Zander start getting close together. I loved how their relationship progressed and how each of them needed this year to get over an event rom their past to move on. The activities Georgia did were fun and I loved their initial denial towards each other and how closed off and misunderstood Zander was. I especially loved how Georgia was a scientist with a good job and enough money to be independent.

How To Get Over Your Ex was such a relaxing and entertaining read. I think Nikki Logan is a great writer and she has restored my love for Chick Lits. I wished it was longer but its only around 200 pages. It kept me from my studies and reminded me that the chick lit genre is a non-YAgenre that I need to start reading from more often.