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Weather Witch - Shannon Delany Weather Witch started off with a creepy and intriguing opening. Witchcraft is openly acknowledged in this world. Ever since the big world and the emergence of the New World as well as its rules and laws, witches, specifically Weather Witches, when found, become the property of the 'government'. They are what power all the lights and energy consuming machinery in the New World, from airships, lanterns, to simple automatons. I found the idea very exciting, especially since you all know how much I love books that incorporate magic and witchcraft in them. Also, this book is set in the 1800s so it contains Steampunk elements. However Weather Witch, while strong in the beginning, lost its momentum and my interest as the story progressed.

To be 100% honest, I lost interest in the story of the main lead, Jordan. The synopsis, in my opinion, gave too much away. 3/4 into the book and nothing new happened other than what was told in the synopsis, that Jordan was accused of being a Weather Witch and is not transported to the holding Tanks of where they are all taken to 'Make' and then used as a power source. I kept expecting for more, but I got nothing. The good news is that this book is told from multiple POVs.. kind of like watching a tv show episode where you get glimpses of many of the character's POVs. The ones I mostly enjoyed were Rowen's, who was the gentleman courting Jordana, as well as the Maker himself. I know the Maker is viewed as the antagonist, but with the emergence of his four year old daughter, as well as his love for one of the maids, I couldn't help thinking that he is a product of his upbringing, being that his father used to be the Maker.

I personally felt this book progressed at a snail's pace; I know it is part of a series and I wonder if the author dragged it on to make it an introductory novel. I wished I was able to connect more with the characters, while I did feel a certain connection with the Maker's story, I thought many of the actions of Rowen were a bit ridiculous if not borderline stupid, but he was still enjoyable. As for Jordan, I wished she woke up from her denial earlier and tried to do something, but she was pretty passive throughout most of the novel, only towards the end did she think to try and save herself. All in all, this novel was entertaining but had many flaws that I couldn't get past and give a rating higher than a three. Paranormal fans, as well as historical fiction fans might enjoy Weather Witch.