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Some Quiet Place - Kelsey Sutton Some Quiet Place started off really strong, with a very strange and intriguing idea. Elizabeth Cadwill is protected from emotions that humans usually feel, from Fear, Jealousy, Joy, Courage, to Hatered. Something else that sets her from people is that she can see these emotions in the form of people. Not only that, but she sees elements too, whether it is storm, wind, or even willow. I found this idea so interesting especially in that Elizabeth isn't affected at all by emotions, kind of hard to imagine right? I was worried in how I would actually be able to connect to Elizabeth but I didn't have to worry.

However, this book is not free from issues. The biggest issue I had is that at some parts Elizabeth DOES have emotions, one specifically is curiosity, which she regards as not an emotion.. but then, at one point in the novel she sees curiosity. So now I'm like "Is it an emotion or not??". Also, for someone who shouldn't care about anything, she seemed very invested in finding out what happened to her past, as well as a certain boy in her school. If you disregard that point, I think you would really appreciate the way Elizabeth was trying to fit in between people, acting happy, concerned, and as a caring friend to Maggie, her cancer ridden "friend".

One character that is prominent in the story that I loved was Fear.. yes the Fear, THE person that brings fear to all of us. He is so invested in finding out why Elizabeth is like that but you can't help but feel that he cares for her too (oh yea, romantic plot line? check!). Something else that bothered me in this novel is that the climax came a bit too soon.. maybe 60 pages before the book finished? after that point I have to admit I grew restless waiting for the story to wrap up and end. I even started skimming to get to that ending. I grew a bit tired of the flashbacks and wished we got the explanation in one go, not over the course of the 60 pages. All in all,Some Quiet Place was an enjoyable book. I personally enjoyed the first half more than the second but had fun with the plot line and the ideas behind it. If you are a paranormal fan I would suggest you check it out and see for yourself!