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An Endless Summer (Summer, #2) - C.J. Duggan Oh my.. C.J. Duggan you did it again. The simplicity in the setting of your contemporary novels (this one and The Boys of Summer) is what makes this series so appealing. I loved (actually loved is an understatement) The Boy of Summer when I read it last year. I raved and raved and raved about it to anyone who would listen to me and made all my friends read it (and they ended up loving it too!). So I was impatiently waiting for the release of An Endless Summer and I was over the moon when the author emailed me to review it before the release date. I picked it up immediately and proceeded to read it in one day. I basically devoured it and right now I demand more! just kidding.. (if only my demands could come true immediately *sigh*)

An Endless Summer is set a couple of years later and stars Sean, a secondary character in The Boys of Summer as well as Amy, the daughter of the owner of the Onslow Hotel that Tess (the main protagonist from The Boys of Summer) worked in. I was happy that this book was a companion novel because I really loved Sean and all the Onslow boys and wanted each one to have their own book and happily ever after like Toby! As usual, C.J. Duggan knows how to write, mold, and create characters that not only have depth and are 3D, but are also very likable, interesting, and entertaining to read about. Sean is the opposite of Toby.. he is out there, always jokes around, and loves to tease Amy. While Amy isn't afraid to speak up and doesn't get embarrassed easily (unlike the shy Tess we met in the first book). From the moment Amy and Sean met again (Amy has known the Onslow boys since she was a little kid) the banter between them was hilarious. Sean loves to tease while Amy hates losing so she always tries to get back at him. I found that so amusing and it always brought a smile to my face.

Some other things I enjoyed in this book included the 90s setting, as well as the lack of technology which usually overtake the lives of our book characters. Here, there are no laptops, texting, IMing, Skyping, tweeting, facebooking, and so on. Also, we don't have any conniving ex-girlfriend or queen bee that has her eyes on Sean, so haters of love triangles, this book is for you! Overall, An Endless Summer, while it isn't as good as The Boys of Summer for me (Just personal preference), is such a fantastic sequel that didn't disappoint at all. I would definitely recommend it to all contemporary fans out there! If you haven't read this series, then you are seriously missing out!