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Infinityglass - Myra McEntire When I read Timepiece last year, I was slightly disappointed because I loved Hourglass but Timepiece didn't really leave a big impression on me. In actuality, before I started Infinityglass, I tried to remember what happened in the previous two novels and came COMPLETELY blank for Timepiece while I remembered a ton of what happened in Hourglass. Even with that, I had to give Infinityglass a try because a) it is the last book in the series, and b) Timepiece was still good, just a bit of a letdown. I have to say that Infinityglass was fantastic. It brought back my love for this trilogy and I am so happy I picked it up and got introduced to such fantastic characters that have been neglected in the previous books.

Following the format of the previous two books, the plot line continues in Infinityglass but with two somewhat new characters. The first is Dune, the teenage genius who has dedicated his life studying up on the Infinityglass as well as working for the Hourglass organization that Michael, Em, Kaleb, and Lily work in (the main characters of the previous two books). However the twist here is that we find out the Infinityglass is a human being, and not an object (this is not a spoiler if you've read Timepiece). Of course we immediately figure out that that person will be Dune's love interest in this book.

In terms of female protagonists, all the ones in the Hourglass trilogy have been kick butt. From Emerson, Lily, and finally Infinityglass's Hallie. She is the daughter of a... mobster (for lack of a better word), and her mother is basically a psycho (the bad guys of the Hourglass trilogy). She has always had bodyguards and compares her house to Rapunzel's tower. However she is so kick butt and isn't afraid to speak her mind, and usually gets to do what she wants, when she wants. I instantly liked her as well as Dune because he was a perfect mix of nerd and hot guy. I must admit towards the end the plot went a little wacky and I just didn't know what the hell was going on. I was winging it. Reading more trying to see if everything will be explained and to a certain extent it was. The solution and just the way everything was settled was too complicated. Even now, I don't completely understand what went down in the final showdown. However you can blame this on me or my inability to process words at such an ungodly hour, when I finished this book. This shows you that I couldn't put the book down until I reached the last page.

All in all, Infinityglass was the perfect ending to this trilogy. I really enjoyed this installment so much and was so happy with the way everything ended. I would definitely recommend this to YA fans, even ones who aren't big on time traveling, because I am one of those.