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Pivot Point - Kasie West Addison Coleman is a divergent, or the more accustomed to term "Clairvoyant". She lives inside a compound with other people with powers like her. That is the para world she has always known. However when her parents drop the bomb that is any child's nightmare, a divorce, she has to decide who she is going to live with. Her mother, in the para world, or her father, who will be moving to the "Norm" world. Which is the world where us "normal" little beings live in right now. So what does Addie do? she uses her power whenever she is faced with a hard decision, this one in particular she looks 6 weeks ahead into the outcomes of both paths.

This plot.. this genius plot, in my opinion, allowed Kasie West to create a dual and parallel (time-wise) reality where the chapters interchange between the Para and Norm world and follow Addie. I honestly felt like I was reading two novels.. one that is purely contemporary (Norm world) while the other is contemporary with a hint of paranormal (Para world). I loved how they were mostly independent of each other, but you still get glimpses of both worlds when the schools play against each other and you meet characters and see them through the eyes of the other world.

In terms of world building and just what is more appealing to me, I preferred the Norm world. If you ever pick up the book you'll know why in the end, but from the beginning that was the reality I preferred. We have Trevor, the sweeter than honey (oh yea I went there) cowboy who was the star quarterback of his school until his injury, as well as the group of friends he hangs out with and Addie gets introduced to. I just loved Trevor and found him to be a great and layered character. As for the Para world, Addie starts hanging out with Duke, the cocky quarterback at her school; her life no different than it really was before. She has her best friend to hang out with, and now, the all mighty, Duke. In terms of character depth and world building, I believe the Norm world was superior over the Para world.

Now, you are probably wondering what is the whole point of this book? well, what I can say is that the decision that Addie will make, moving to the Norm or staying in the Para world, could result in dangerous situations, one more dangerous and lethal than the other. I kept on reading this book nonstop because I couldn't put it down, not because of this decision she has to make. I was sucked into both worlds and enjoyed every minute of it. Addie, was a great female protagonist; She was independent, confident, and just fun to read about. I squealed when I found out that there is a sequel to this novel and I can't wait for it. I just need to point out how beautiful the cover is. I need this book in my life for the writing (you're awesome Kasie) and also for this beautiful cover.

*goes off to buy a copy at the bookstore*