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Thornhill (Hemlock) - Kathleen Peacock Just.... ugh.. I love this series with such passion <3<br/>This doesn't have a bad cliffhanger like Hemlock so thank you Kathleen Peacock!
Still.. I can't help feeling book hungover and sad that I have to wait a full year (or even more) for the third and last book
Kyle.. why do you insist on breaking my heart? and Jason? and Mac? and all the amazing characters in this book!!!

Full review to come closer to the release date, but bottom line?

Review posted on September 9, 2013: HAPPY RELEASE DAY!!!

Everyone who knows me is no stranger to my unconditional love towards Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock. I loved that book so much and it is one of the few paranormal books that I actually enjoyed, let alone loved. When I received Thornhill for review I was over the moon. I tried to hold reading it off, closer to the release date, but I couldn't and picked it up immediately. While I had high expectations for it, I never doubted that I would also love Thornhill, and that was exactly what happened by the end of the book. The complex and thrilling world, as well as the characters and their relationship dynamics, and just how the plot progressed were just as perfect as how it was in Hemlock.

The characters in this series is what makes up this whole book. Not that the plot isn't bloody fantastic, but the characters all feel so real to me. I am invested in all of the characters, including the secondary and even tertiary ones. Mac, Jason, and Kyle are one of my favorite friendships in YA books. I personally wish I could read how their relationship started and how they were before all hell broke loose. Mac is such an intense character and I love how she takes no crap from anyone and always scolds Jason and Kyle for trying to act as her body guards and making her feel like a damsel in distress. I also love how all three look out for each other and care for each other even with all the issues that do come in between them, no matter how big they are. I am hoping we get more scenes between Kyle and Jason in the next book because I love their banter together; add in Mac and it's perfect.

Plot wise, Thronhill was on fire. Everything progressed so fast and you weren't left in the dark for too long. The setting of Thornhill is completely different from Hemlock so everything is new and we are introduced to a completely new mystery. Even with the serious and dangerous setting the characters are thrust into, the funny dialogue is not lost. I especially loved a scene towards the end of the book between Mac and ghost Amy (no spoiler here since Amy is dead before even the first chapter of Hemlock) where Amy complains on how Mac always puts her life at risk.

"Seriously, I'm beginning to worry you have a death wish. When I wrote 'BFF' in your yearbook, I didn't mean it as a suicide pact" - Amy

This might sound weird but I really wish I met Amy before she died. She was the catalyst to everything that has happened in the past two books and I wished I knew her, and not just her ghost self that Mac keeps dreaming about. Hemlock also has one of my favorite romances in YA books. The love triangle was done brilliantly and I personally do not know who to root for. We've got Amy's ex-boyfriend, Jason, the broken and lonely rich boy as well as Kyle, who you can always lean on and will always be there for you. Their scenes with Mac are all swoon worthy and I feel I am betraying them both because I just can't seem to choose who I like more!

Overall, Thornhill did not disappoint one bit. I loved every single page of it and can't wait to get my own hardcover of it. I feel sad that this series is coming to an end with the third book. I need more of my Hemlock dosage but I can always reread these books because they're definitely reread material!