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Knee Deep - Jolene Perry I've really hit the jackpot with Knee Deep. I have been getting quite restless with the amount of repetitive contemporaries i've been reading lately and was dying to read one that just emotionally affected me, and Knee Deep was the one. I always say how I always look for the realistic aspect of contemporaries. The story revolves around the beginning of an abusive relationship and how the female protagonist is in denial and can't admit to herself that her boyfriend, her childhood sweetheart, would do such a thing. While the protagonist might have pissed me off because of her denial and obvious attachment to her boyfriend, coming from a reader who is a feminist, I do understand why she chose to keep on giving him a second, a third, and a fourth chance, hoping he would go back to being the Shawn she loved.

The writing of the story gripped me, I was so invested in all the characters, including Shawn, and wanted to know how this situation came to be. I must say, I also liked the protagonist, Ronnie. Like I said, I would usually have hated a character like her, but the reality of the situation is that many women have gone through such abusive relationships, some couldn't end it, others wouldn't end it, while a few actually walk out. So in the end Ronnie is one of the brave ones and I give her credit for that. I also liked the development between Ronnie and her guy friend Luke. A contemporary YA wouldn't be one without a romantic line and this is where Luke steps in. I loved how he was so nice and a true friend to Ronnie. Being hot doesn't hurt of course. The scenes between the two were sweet, carefree, and just what they should be for a 17 year old girl! The contrast between Luke and Shawn's scenes were mind boggling.

Jolene Perry has wrote yet another fantastic contemporary. Knee Deep definitely went deep emotionally for me and I am sure for the thousands of girls that have witnessed an abusive relationship whether through family, friends, or word of mouth. This is what I love about YA contemporaries, they convey messages to us girls that make us stronger, independent, and to stay true to ourselves and love ourselves. I would recommend Knee Deep to all contemporary readers and also girls in general. This is a book you don't want to miss out on!

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