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Night Sky - Jolene Perry Night Sky was such an emotional and heartbreaking contemporary, I fell in love from the first page, and to think that this is told from a male POV! One whose heart was just broken because his girl best friend, Sarah, who he's had a crush on for three years just got together with a guy, well, that isn't him, and to rub salt on the wound, he helped. Don't worry, the story isn't about Jameson, the male protagonist, lusting after his best friend and trying to win her somewhere, so you can exhale now. Not only does Jameson gets his heart broken on that night of the dance, it gets hit by a full on force, a girl called Sky. She is everything Sarah is not; tall, tanned, older, honest, and at the same time mysterious.

As Jameson spends more time with Sky, he falls for Sky hard but at the same time has unresolved feelings for Sarah. I liked how Jameson's character wasn't superficial, meet a new girl, forget the old one. I also liked how he doesn't follow the usual prince syndrome many of the male characters in books do. He is sincere, isn't afraid to show his emotions, is a filial son and cares for his parents. I know how many readers are starting to get annoying with the neglecting parents, but I loved the relationship between Jameson and his mom. As for the relationship between Jameson and Sky, it was honest, personal, and raw. Sometimes when i'm reading their scenes, I feel like i'm intruding on their private moments. I loved how their relationship progressed, and Jolene Perry did an amazing job at keeping the readers hooked while at the same time not going over the top with the drama. My only small problem with the book was how everything wrapped up quickly, I wished we had more time to resolve the 'problem' and reach the happily ever after. Other than that, I only have good things to say about this book and I recommend it to anyone who wants to read a realistic contemporary that would give your heart a great work out! ;)