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Embrace - Cherie Colyer I have read Embrace a while ago, and while I do not remember the details of the story, it was still an interesting and memorable read. This book was a witchy, full of magic world with a sweet romance for our protagonist, Madison.

When I first read the book and we were introduced to Isaac, I had my doubts about the insta-love theme that has been circulating in many books, but I was glad that while there were elements of it, it wasn't the overwhelming kind. Yes they were attracted to each other, but it wasn't the "I love you and will die for you" sort that made me go bonkers in many other novels. The mystery in the novel definitely kept me questioning the people around her, including Isaac.

When Madison's best friend becomes delusional and starts hallucinating, all signs point to a misuse of magic; but why her best friend? and who could be behind it? I really enjoyed going along with Madison's detective work, I wanted to know the culprit as bad as she did! I was guessing throughout the story which was a lot of fun but also a bit creepy. The thrill was definitely there, and I was spell bounded throughout the whole book. Fans of paranormal magic will enjoy Embrace by Cherie Colyer!

rating: 3.5/5 stars

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