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Watch Me - Lauren Barnholdt, Cassandra Morris 3.5/5 stars

Watch me by Lauren barnholdt is a reality tv show compressed in a book. You don't expect any depth from it, but it is entertaining and the brain vacation I needed. I listened to the audiobook for it and if it wasn't for the great narrator, I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much. The narrator had this childish voice that suited the college freshman Ally. The character herself was a bit on the shallow end, I mean who would apply to be in a reality tv show where the whole world sees what you are doing and judges you for it? Ally was actually surprised that people said nasty comments about her and all I thought was "Aren't you born in the technological era?".

The other members of the reality tv show were mostly superficial, you've got the shy one that turns wild, the wild one that isn't really wild when you get to know her, the player who really IS a player, and the good looking jock type that ends up being the protagonist's love interest. Overall they were enjoyable and their problems were tiny and easy to resolve without taking up too many pages. As for the protagonist, she is just a normal girl with everyday troubles that are broadcasted on national tv. All in all, I really enjoyed Watch Me, especially the audiobook narrator. It was mindless fun that kept me entertained while I was driving to and from university. I would recommend the audiobook over the book since part of it's charm is the great narration! Though there are a lot of swear words and explicit talk so I wouldn't recommend it to younger teens.