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The Truth About Faking

The Truth About Faking - Leigh Talbert Moore 3.5/5 stars

The Truth about Faking was a cute contemporary. Initially I wasn't the best fan of the main protagonist, Harley, especially with her mind set on Trent. Also, Jason was a bit needy and I didn't like how he wasn't playing it cool with the fake dating. Over time, Harley was more bearable but Jason just got better for me. He finally put his foot down and decided he didn't want to get played, which is when Harley finally sees the good thing in front of her. Towards the end, it definitely got more interesting plot wise.

Plot wise, I really enjoyed how Leigh portrayed Harley's family life as a normal one with loving parents. We don't usually get that with parents from YA novels. The book mentions once or twice the way her parents look at each other and how much they love each other. These moments were the most memorable for me. Also, Harley's father is a Reverend and her mother is a therapist, so it was great to see how different people ended up together. However Harley's relationship with her mother is strained but it isn't due to childish things and it is explored in this book.

At the beginning, this novel felt a bit cliched, however the ending was just so out there. I found it to be a bit bizarre but satisfying. Of course the people who should end up together do end up together but it is how they reached there in the end. Leigh wrote a wonderful novel, while I struggled a bit at the beginning, it was a very enjoyable novel overall. I recommend it to contemporary fans, especially fans of Jennifer Echols' The Boys Next Door.